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Contact Meeting

Take the chance to connect with particularly dedicated students through Contact Meetings. Students can apply to have a private meeting with companies that are of interest to them and the companies you get to select students that stick out. This is the perfect opportunity for you to talk about internships, future employment or any other topic in a more relaxed environment.

More than a Fair

Utnarms’ vision is to create the best possible meeting space for students and companies through different platforms. This is why we created two weeks filled by events before the fair. During these two weeks Utnarm offers you to meet and connect with students and companies to inspire each other,  exchange ideas and if you are lucky, find your future colleagues.

The Banquet

After the fair we welcome you to the Utnarm Banquet at V-Dala Nation where you will be offered great entertainment and a three course menu. Here you will be seated next to the students that have voluntarily helped make Utnarm happen, along with other company representatives. Take the chance to network with students in a more casual atmosphere and enjoy the end of Utnarm 2019.