Our events

Utnarm is more than just a career fair!

As an introduction to the career fair there will be two weeks filled with events that begin on the 29th of October. During these weeks your business gets the opportunity to meet and present yourself to the students of Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science. The events are made to inspire the students and show what possibilities are available after graduation. This is a unique chance to get the full attention of all the participating students, an opportunity to talk to students who are especially interested in your business, and a possibility to show what makes your business unique.

The content of the events are based on your imagination and in collaboration with us we can create an event that fits your business and the students. Listed below are a few events that are appreciated among students.

  • Field trip
  • Breakfast event
  • Lunch event
  • Evening event
  • Contact talks *
  • Bachelor and Master Thesis Evening *

*More information down below

Examples of breakfast, lunch or evening events could be

  • Lecture
  • Presentation of research department
  • Workshop
  • Case-solution

The only commitment required of you is to develop a concept for an event together with us, and then also to conduct the event on time. We will take care of administering the event, such as the student applications, arrange the venue, food and of course all marketing of the event, which takes place in conjunction with the extensive marketing of Utnarm.

Prices may vary depending on type of event and potential food costs, see Price list 2018

Are you interested? Contact event [at] utnarm.utn.se

Contact Talks

During the day of the career fair, on the 8th of November, you have the opportunity to talk to students in a more intimate meeting. In smaller meeting rooms the company and one student can sit down and talk about everything from internship possibilities, master thesis projects to job opportunities. The students apply for “Contact talks” with companies they are interested in meeting by sending a motivation letter and resume. The company will then choose which students you wish to talk to during the day.

  • The Contact talks take about 15 minutes each
  • You can book a half-day with six (6) talks
  • You can book all-day with twelve (12) talks


Half-day: 3000 SEK
Day: 5000 SEK

Bachelor and Master Thesis Evening

The Bachelor and Master Thesis Evening is an event where companies and graduating students have the possibility to meet under more relaxed circumstances. The event is going to take place the 7th of November, the evening before the fair. During this evening, you along with other companies will have the opportunity to present your company’s ‘Bachelor and Master thesis’ possibilities. The evening ends with a lighter dinner and some mingle between the students and the company representatives.

  • 40 graduating students have the opportunity to participate during the evening
  • 5 companies have the opportunity to participate during the evening
  • 3 representatives of each company have the opportunity to participate during the evening


Participating in the event: 8000 SEK
Cost for food: ca 125 SEK/student