Theme of the year: values

We believe that the strongest commitment will come when one's work goes in line with one's values. Therefore, we have chosen values as the theme of Utnarm 2018.

Today, it is not only expertise that matters in an organization, but also how the company deals with important issues. We live in a world where issues such as sustainability and diversity are becoming increasingly more important.

We want to encourage both students and companies to reflect on their own values - we believe it is the key to future development and innovation.

The same day as the fair, there is also opportunity to more personal meetings through contact talks and the possibility of further networking on the banquet held in connection to the fair.

By reviewing companies different CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), the Sustainable Development Goals and a survey completed by our students, we have chosen a few values we want to focus on.

We distinguish between soft and hard values, where the soft values can be interpreted more freely, while the hard values are based on what companies work with to fulfill their values. There are of course, a lot of ways to fulfil different goals, so we encourage you to share what you do at your company in the application form!

Soft values

  • Focus on gender equality issues (Fokus på jämställdhetsfrågor)
  • Focus on diversity (ethical background, gender identity etc) (Fokus på mångfald (etisk bakgrund, könsidentitet etc.)
  • Focus on sustainability and environmental awareness (Hållbarhetstänk)
  • Contribution to a better and more ethical world (Göra världen till en bättre plats) 
  • Focus on poverty and third world countries (Fokus på fattigdom och utvecklingsländer)

Hard values

  • Encouragement of doing charity work (Uppmuntran till samhällsengagemang (ex volontärjobb))
  • Seperatist forum for non normative groups (Separatistiska forum för icke normativa grupper (ex kvinnoseperatisk grupp eller HBTQ-grupp))
  • Carbon offset for emission (Klimatkompensation för utsläpp)
  • Access to physical activity during work hours (Tillgång till fysisk aktivitet under arbetstid)
  • Actively working on EUs environmental goals (Arbeta aktivt med EUs miljömål)