Welcome to Utnarm

Utnarm is UTN’s career-fair. Here companies can promote themselves towards the students. During the fair, Thursday the 9th of November, all students who belong to UTN are free from lessons in order to be able to attend the fair. Utnarm provides several ways for companies to meet students, for example company representatives are offered to talk with hand picked students and they can also attend a banquet the same day as the fair.

Standard package include following:

  • Monter area 6 m2 (3x2 m) and 2,30 m in height
  • Carpet adjusted to monter area
  • Two power outlets (230 V)
  • One table (size is not yet decided)
  • Two chairs
  • Two lunch tickets (lunch and Swedish fika)
  • One corporate host (incl. Lunch ticket and banquet ticket for this host)
  • Wireless internet connection
  • Link from utnarm.utn.se to your corporates website
  • Corporate information and links to your website in our web catalog
  • Location information in our fair brochure
  • Personal transportation to and from the fair area (from Uppsala central station if nothing else is arranged with the arranger)
  • Parking permits to corporate representatives
  • The general fair evaluation
  • Other services, such as reception, wardrobe, etc.


In order to be energized during the whole fair day with all the intensive networking, lunch will be served to all the company representatives at our very own student union building, Uthgård. Your company host will show you to Uthgård, which is situated right next to the fair. In order to keep the schedule and for the many served lunches to be thoroughly enjoyed you will be given a specific lunch-time when you will eat. These are designed so that your exhibition booth always will be manned. There are many people eating lunch during a small window of time, so please respect the lunch times you have been given.


During the fair, there will be a lounge available for the company representatives and the corporate hosts where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and Swedish fika in a relaxed milieu. There will be couches, tables and chairs at your disposal. You will be able to bring the treats to your showcase to keep up the energy during the whole day. The business lounge will be in front of Polacksaulan in house 6 and will be open between 8 am until 3 pm.