Grand opening of Utnarm 2017!

Uppsala teknolog- och naturvetarkår invites all of you to our Grand opening of Utnarm 2017!


The Grand opening will be a grandiose happening occurring on Monday the 30th of October. It starts off with a ceremony and then a lunch event with Teach for Sweden. Afterwards the space outside Siegbahn at Ångström Laboratory will turn into a Pre-fair. Beyond being able to meet our very interesting exhibitors there will be goodie bags, contests and also the opportunity for you to take a nice picture for your resume. Uppstuk also invites you to sharpen your resume and wants to give you the necessary feedback to make your resume glorious.

Application for the resume feedback opens the 16th of October and the application for the lunch event with Teach for Sweden opens the 22nd of October.

During the morning we will head out to Ångström, Geo and EBC to welcome and offer you something warm to drink as well as something to make your stomach happy.



Opening ceremony and lunch event with Teach for Sweden

12:00-13:00 Siegbahn

A Grand opening requires a ceremony to mark the start of what the future has to behold. Therefore we are inviting you to this very special event! After the ceremony and the Utnarm period officially opened we welcome Teach for Sweden to hold a lunch event, you don’t want to miss this!


CV photo shoot

13:00-16:00 Å10205

Stop by and get the perfect photo for your CV, or maybe the profile picture you’ve always dreamt of. Between 13:00 and 16:00 our Head of media welcomes you to a photo shoot to snap those pictures you want to have. It’s a perfect opportunity to make your CV fresh and clean with a professional photo of you. So head to Å10205 and show us your beautiful smile!



13:00-16:30 Outside Siegbahn

Utnarm proudly present our Pre-fair which is our fair dedicated to inspire and make you warm in your shoes before the larger career fair. The Pre-fair will take part just outside Siegbahn between 13:00 and 16:30 and we really recommend you to visit us and our exhibitors not only for the interesting exhibitors but also who knows what surprises may occur.

Read more about the pre-fair here


CV feedback with Uppstuk

14:00-17:00 Å10202

During the event weeks of Utnarm, Uppstuk gives the possibility for an individual meeting with the head of HR. Who will give you tips on how to write the best possible resume. This event is relevant both if you are still studying or just about to start working. The session’s goal is to make one more confident on how to write a resume, pointers on how to stand out from the rest and how one can think about marketing oneself to the labor market. Resume-advice is given during the meeting with the head of HR where one signs up and send the resume in advance.

Uppsala studentkonsulter is the bridge between Uppsala’s students and the business sector. Uppstuk offers consulting both during and after the study time. Relevant to students within IT, tech, energy and life science. Students enhances their work life experience, knowledge and merits for the future all while Uppsala’s business sector gets enriched of promising talents. Do you have an interest in becoming a student consult, check out for additional information!