Theme of the year: values

We believe that the strongest commitment will come when one's work goes in line with one's values. Therefore, we have chosen values as the theme of Utnarm 2018. Today, it is not only expertise that matters in an organization, but also how the company deals with important issues. We live in a world where issues such as sustainability and diversity are becoming increasingly more important.

We want to encourage both students and companies to reflect on their own values - we believe it is the key to future development and innovation.

Utnarm career fair 8 november 2018

One of Sweden's largest career fairs where companies and students match based on their values, in addition to experience.

Utnarm event weeks 29 okt - 7 nov 2018

Activities start two weeks before the actual fair, where companies have the opportunity through lectures, study visits, etc. to inspire students and show what opportunities there are for them..


Imagine sharing your workplace with people that truly share your values