Utnarm is the career fair for the students at Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students, and is organised once a year in November. The fair is preceded by two weeks of exciting events, where you as a student are given the opportunity to interact with representatives from different intriguing companies. During Utnarm you may find lots of inspiration, motivation, and the possibility to create valuable connections for your future. The career fair takes place on Thursday the 9th of November and will consist of over 100 different companies and organisations, that are there only for the possibility to meet you, who are a part of the amazing technology- and science students in Uppsala.

The vision of Utnarm is to enhance the connection between companies and students. That is why we create a platform where you can meet and exchange experiences.

Why should I go to Utnarm?

Are you at the beginning of your studies?
Take the chance to get inspiration for the future! Here you are given the opportunity to widen your view of the different exciting business branches and see what the large range of companies that exist. Most companies have good advice for your future studie options and what your studies can lead to. All companies can provide generally helpful advice, so do not hesitate to talk to a company that you think may not fit you. Who knows what you want to become? Even during your first or second year, there is lots of opportunity to create connections that may lead to interesting summer employment.

Are you at the midway point of your studies?
Now you have an excellent opportunity to speak to the companies that may be interesting for summer employment, master thesis or future employment. A great opportunity to get inspiration for the future choices you have to make for your studies, and get advice about valuable courses to enroll. Ask the companies what they want from their employees - maybe they want students who have studied abroad or have had different involvements in the union.

Are you at the end of your studies?
Utnarm can be your way into the workforce, so come prepared. Get all the information you need for your master thesis and possible employment after getting your degree. Create connections and get information from the companies that may suit you. But remember to think outside the box, maybe the best company for you is something you never would have thought!