Competitions - win prices

This year, Utnarm has two big competitions during the events ”Contact talks” and ”Bachelor and Master thesis evening”. You have the chance to win an Apple iPad 9,7 tum – grey or a season (one year) ticket to campus 1477. There is also a quiz where you have the chance to win a popcorn machine, Smoothie Blender or cinema tickets.

Quiz about values - Popcorn machine, Smoothie Blender or cinema tickets
This year's Utnarm is all about values. What do you know about some important values? Fill in this quiz and get the chance to win some fun prices! First place will get a Popcorn machine, second place a Smoothie Blender, and third, forth and fifth place will get cinema tickets. You can find the quiz here.

Day of research, evening event - Term pass to Campus 1477
Day of research ends with an evening event about science in the field of mathematics. The participants will get the opportunity to win a term pass to Campus 1477 which is raffled at the end of the event.

Contact talks - Apple iPad 9,7 tum – Grey
Does your computer weigh a bit too much in your backpack? Or do you want to have the perfect device for watching movies or reading books while you travel? Now you have the opportunity to combine attending one of our most rewarding events, contact talks, with the chance to win a brand-new Apple iPad. To participate in the competition, the only thing you have to do, is to attend the event. At the end of the event the price will be raffled.