Networking tips

To gain as much as possible from the career fair, 8th Nov, it could be a good idea to come prepared or talk to any of our student coaches. They will be around guiding you to the right company and advice you in how to approach company representatives. Listed below is top-ten-tips in how to network at the career fair of Utnarm.

  • Talk to any of our student coaches.
  • Ask broad-questions. E.g. ”How does your company work for the environment?” or ”Hi, my name is XXX and I am curious about you company, could you tell me a bit more about what you do?”.
  • Avoid ”Yes and No” questions.
  • The theme of this year is values. What are your values of interest? What values do you think is important at your employment? Think about a couple of values and ask you company of interest how they work towards those values.
  • Focus on your areas of competence, not the program you are studying.
  • Look up specific companies you are interested in, maximum 10 companies are recommended.
  • Exchange contacts. E.g. hand out your CV or ask companies for contact information (at the end of the day, you will not remember everyone you spoke to!).
  • Dress for success!
  • Makes a memorable ending to the conversation. Shaking hands, keeping eye contact and thanking for the conversation is usually a winning concept.
  • Do not be shy! The companies are there because they want to meet and talk to you!
  • Have fun!